Zoez Got Jokes

Zoez Got Jokes

Zoez Got Jokes began doing comedy in 1997 as CC ( The Christian Comic)

Debuted as CC as in 1997 AR Trinity Baptist Church. Received Coaching Training and Mentoring from A. Gregory Harris.

Due to life circumstances, my mother passing away, between employment opportunities the comedic career became stagnant and then came to an abrupt stopped.
Hosting events from 2000 to December of 2020 the comedy virus never left.

Now it's here to stay.

I've performed at clubs such as 2 Steps Down= Brooklyn NY, Stand Up NY = NYC, NY Comic Strip= NYC, Boston Comedy Club= NYC, recently, produced/ directed and hosted the Saturday Night Special Zoom Club, Tuesday Night Expressions ( Flava Lounge), Community Centers in The Bronx, Harlem Knights = NYC, The Shrine= NYC, Club Essence= BK, Bedford Manor= BK NYC, NYC, ft EricGarner Memorial Celebration of Life= BK NYC, Boggie Down Grind = BX NYC,

Winner of the City Buzz Round Table Contest= New Haven CT.

Comedy is Good Therapy is my motto.

It's the New Wellness to a healthier lifestyle of a laugh.

Laughter each day helps to anger and sadness away and you're on your way to a Destination To Wellness.